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Why is Zakir Naik So Infamous in India (Even in Muslim Community)?

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Zakir Naik is an Islamic preacher from Mumbai. But he strikes headlines for wrong reasons very often. Very often talks about military aggression against America or the enemies of Islam. Even he supports Osama bin Laden. Despite of being a 'protector' of Islam, he hasn't good image among Indian Muslims, why?
asked Jul 8, 2016 in News by Eklavya (11,030 points)

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1 Answer

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Zakir Naik is not only infamous among the Shia sect of Muslims but also among  the Sunnis too. This mainly because of his extremist-like image. Zakir Naik's image in India is that of a terrorist supporter. Many a times he has shown his support to Islamic terrorist groups. That's why a big section of Indian Muslims hate him.
answered Jul 8, 2016 by Avinash (11,470 points)

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