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This upgrade merchant can solely take gear

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This upgrade merchant can solely take gear directly bought from the PvP merchant thus you can't use your upgraded 50-59 gear for the upgrade method in 60-69 for instance. you'll got to purchase contemporary merchant bought 60-69 gear and try this upgrade method once more.
Synthesis from Order of buy revelation online gythil Guardians...

This is the most route for obtaining gold gear and provides you a number of the simplest gear. However, it's additionally the longest route, requiring several materials from dungeons and raids additionally to Order of Guardians name. you'll notice [Equipment Foundry] NPCs next to the Guardian name vendors that may synthesize the gear for you.

Below area unit the gear synthesis charts for Level 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, and 70-79 gear. Accessories area unit cheaper to create than weapons/armor and may be done initial. For healers creating your offhand revelation online imperial coins initial is incredibly vital owing to the +healing stats thereon.

BY online now.... come to playerhot for more revelation online gold cheap!

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