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Becca Closet collects and distributes formal dresses

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A national, non-profit organization, Becca’s Closet collects and distributes formal dresses to highschool women United Nations agency cannot afford to buy cheap prom dresses – and therefore the dresses ar offered at no price.

Centrally placed in Middle Tennessee, Fairview is home to 1 of solely 2 Becca’s Closet chapters within the state with seventy two chapters in operation across the country. The second chapter opened in East Tennessee this year.

Housed initially Baptists in Fairview, Jamie King Camp Gilette began an area dress drive in 2009 before formally gap the Fairview chapter of Becca’s Closet in 2011. King Camp Gilette is the arranger of Becca’s Closet in Fairview with help from a bunch of volunteers as well as Brandi Maige and Stacey Hill.

Gillette aforementioned they need been ready to dress thousands of long prom dresses for the promenade over the years. They conjointly still be shocked at however so much some women are willing to travel get a promenade dress.

“We have women traveling from all across the state and from Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia, Arkansas and Mississippi simply to urge a dress. as a result of it’s cheaper to get hold of the gas than a $500 dress,” expressed King Camp Gilette.

And Becca’s Closet isn't only for homecoming dresses . “We’ve in all probability aided with a minimum of twenty five or additional dresses for the military ball already this year,” explained King Camp Gilette. Becca’s Closet isn't open year-round , however will provide dresses for different formal occasions once a necessity is given. More wedding dresses details can be find in online welcome everyone!

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