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buy Textile Testing Equipment,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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We design according to customer requirements, have a professional design team and experienced professionals, according to different fabric dyeing requirements and weight, research and design different supporting program hardware configuration and computer program, and taking into account the environmental protection.
HD618-680-220 Sample jigger dyeing machine
Suitable fabric: Viscose, nylon, elastic fabric, silk, cotton, polyester, hemp, blended faric.
Main technical prameter
1,Rolling diameter:680mm
2,Roller width:2200mm
3,Efficient width:2000mm
5,Tension range:0~90KG
6,Temperature control range:0-135 c
7,Rolling roller diameter:245mm
8,Motor power of main roller2 sets are 3.7KW
9,Tank body mobile motor power0.75KW
10,Motor power of circulating pump2.2KW
11,Shape sizereferring to drawing
Main control functions
1,Whole machine is dual frequency converter control system, human-computer operation interface
2,Set of constant tension, constant linear speed
3,Functions of manual, automatic, speed up, slow down
4,Automatic head back, automatic record the lines, automatic stop machine, automatic swing function if line is full
5,Whole machine automatic temperature control, technological operation
6,Operation screen programmable set, technology storage, automatic identification, automatic alarm
7,Liquid level automatic control, automatic charging, automatic circulatingbuy Textile Testing Equipment
asked May 18 in Automobile by hjyxwz123 (300 points)

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