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Customized coal plough fluid coupler,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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The basic situation of the company's development history
Founded in 1988, pu cheng coal mine machinery workshop was established in 2003 as a joint-stock enterprise. The company is a professional hydraulic transmission manufacturer integrating design, production and sales. The company is located in the high and new technology development zone in henan province, the construction area of 18000 square meters, the total investment is 60 million yuan.
The company's factory is introduced
Over the years, the company already have a certain size and strength, now has a skilled technical team, accumulated the domestic first-class production, manufacturing and advanced detection means, has over 20 senior technicians, hundreds of professional production equipment, has a professional after-sales service team and professional sales staff.
The company's series of products
The torque type hydraulic coupling series, the limited moment water dielectric coupling series, the speed regulating hydraulic coupling series and various coupling series.
Product range
Belt conveyor, scraper conveyor, chain conveyer, bucket wheel lift, bridge crane, ball mill, crusher, hoist engine, pump, fan etc.
Production of market
Domestic, eastern Europe, southeast Asia
Our service
Before the sale, we will provide the best technical advice for the products you need and meet all kinds of product information requests.
In the sale, the technician ensures that you will answer your question in time and provide technical support .Communicate the customer's product situation timely and record the usage of the product.If there are some problems in use, our technical staff will give you the best solution and emergency measures in the shortest time. We supply the equipment at any time and make sure the equipment works well.After sale, we always keep in touch with our customers and accept our customers' opinions and Suggestions. Creating more value is our commitment.
Service telephone:+86-0373-8923388
The mobile phone:+86-13937305444、xxsxskj1@outlook.comCustomized coal plough fluid coupler
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