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BEIJING Harold Landry Jersey , Jan. 14 (Xinhua) -- The State Council, China's cabinet,will report the condition and management of state asset to theStanding Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC)annually, said a key document made public Sunday.

The State Council will submit two types of reports to the toplegislature, according to a guideline issued by the Communist Partyof China (CPC) Central Committee.

One will be a general report on basic conditions of all sorts ofstate asset, which the State Council will hand in a written oneannually and send an official to explain to the lawmakers in thelast year of their tenure.

The other will be a report on specific aspects of state asset Rashaan Evans Jersey ,such as state-owned enterprises, state-owned financialinstitutions, state-run non-commercial institutions and state-ownednatural resources. Every year, except for the last of thelegislature's tenure, the State Council is required to dispatch anofficial to explain one of the specific reports to lawmakers.

The general report will include information nationwide butspecific reports on state-owned enterprises and financialinstitutions will mainly cover those supervised by the centralgovernment.

The official to explain the reports can be the premier or seniorofficials in charge of state asset, according to the guideline.

The move to establish such a mechanism is "a vital decision bythe CPC Central Committee to enhance supervision by the NPC overstate asset and an essential system for the Party and state totighten management of state asset Delanie Walker Jersey ," said the guideline.

"It is in line with the Constitution and law, meets people'sexpectation and vital for improving transparency and credibility ofmanagement of state asset," the document said.

Over the past few years, the NPC Standing Committee has heardreports by the State Council on state asset management but theywere limited to state-owned enterprises supervised by theState-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of theState Council, said a statement from the Commission for BudgetAffairs under the NPC Standing Committee, also on Sunday.

"The legislature's supervision is not adequate and should beimproved with new institutional measures Titans Kevin Byard Jersey ," the statement said.

The first review is scheduled to be at a bi-monthly session ofthe 13th NPC Standing Committee in October this year, when ageneral report will be submitted and a State Council official willdeliver a specific report on state-owned financial institutions,according to the commission.


According to the document, the report on state-owned enterprisesand financial institutions will focus on asset and liabilities ofthe corporations, major investment projects, risk control Titans Derrick Henry Jersey , reformand salary of senior executives, while the one on non-commercialinstitutions will center on their liabilities, reform ofmanagement, allocation, use and revenue of state asset.

The report on state-owned natural resources will be aboutconditions of natural resources, mechanisms of sustainabledevelopment and environmental protection as well as exploitationand conservation.

The State Council is asked to establish a complete and accuratedatabase about state asset Titans Jack Conklin Jersey , which can be shared by relevantministries and departments.


The NPC Standing Committee is required to organizeinvestigations on relevant issues before reviewing the StateCouncil's reports. They will give feedback to the State Council,which then should report to the top legislature within six monthson how it addresses the relevant issues. Lawmakers can alsoinitiate inquiries into certain issues.

Lawmakers are expected to check how major Party and governmentpolicies and reform plans about state asset are implemented, howcertain laws and legislature's resolutions are enforced, howstate-owned enterprises and institutions serve national strategies,provide public goods and safeguard national security, and how theState Council works to maintain the value of state asset andprevent loss.

The State Council reports and review reports of the NPC StandingCommittee will be published Titans Jonnu Smith Jersey , except for information banned by law,the guideline said.

The mechanism will be launched step by step, starting from theeasiest aspect to the difficult ones, the guideline said.

State asset will be divided into different categories, some ofwhich will be reported first and more will be added, it added.Enditem

JOHANNNESBURG Titans Taywan Taylor Jersey , Jan. 13 (Xinhua) -- H&M stores in South Africa were trashed by Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) protesters on Saturday over a allegedly racist sweater ad.

Dozens of EFF protesters wearing same red T-shirt on Saturday morning rushed into an H&M store in Sandton City, one of the most prosperous shopping centers in Johannesburg, vandalizing mannequins and scattering clothes on the floor.

After police arrived, protesters gathered in front of the shop's door chanting, dancing and whistling, according to Xinhua reporter at the site.

The crowd dismissed at noon. The H&M store has remained closed since then.

According to local media Titans Adoree' Jackson Jersey , similar protests were also seen in other shopping centers nationwide.

EFF Deputy President Floyd Shivambu congratulated members via twitter for physically confronting racism.

The outrage stemmed from a recent ad photo released by H&M showing a black boy wear a green sweater with the slogan "coolest monkey in the jungle" on it.

Shivambu said H&M "nonsense of a clothing store is now facing consequences for its racism. All rational people should agree that the store should not be allowed to continue operating in South Africa."

The riot also triggered much criticism. A netizen "TheColouredZimbo" said via Twitter, "What happens if H&M pulls out of South Africa? Will the EFF compensate employees for loss of income?"

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