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Monster Hunt, another film that stars Kai, is directed by Chinese-American animator-director Raman Hui Trai Turner Panthers Jersey , who co-directed Shrek The Third (2007).

A media conference by the Monster Hunt team scheduled for Oct 9 was canceled at the last minute.

Well-known director Wang Quanan and Kai are among the growing number of high-profile celebrities caught in scandals recently.

In the August crackdown, Jaycee Chan, son of kung fu star Jackie Chan, was also detained by Beijing police for using drugs and providing them to others, including Kai. Chan's latest role is in Chen Kaige's costume drama, Monk in a Floating World. The film's budget was more than 250 million yuan ($38 million), and it also stars Lin Chi-ling, a top model from Taiwan and mainland veteran Fan Wei.

Senior producer Ben Ji is now preparing for a film written by Chen Wanning Ryan Kalil Panthers Jersey , another showbiz wizard, who was detained for drug-related offenses for one month earlier this year.

According to the new regulation, "tainted talents" include not only actors but also screenwriters.

"Actually we don't know what we can do now," says Ji. "The regulation gives no timetable, and only the authorities know how long the ban will last."

Ji's last film Color Me Love was also written by Chen Wanning. The film is now available on many video-streaming websites. As per the new rule, the film should be removed from such sites, Ji says.

According to renowned sociologist Li Yinhe, it is illegal to discriminate against someone after the person has served the required penalty for breaking the law.

"A basic principle of our legal penalty is that citizens Luke Kuechly Panthers Jersey , after the penalty, should not be discriminated against in life and career," Li wrote in her blog. "They enjoy the same rights as other citizens. To ban the talents from screens is clearly professional discrimination."

Huang Haibo, an actor known for his portrayal of loving husbands and boyfriends, surprised fans when Beijing police detained him in May for hiring prostitutes in a hotel. He has a girlfriend.

Huang is to stay in jail until November, news reports suggest.

Uncle Victory, a film in which he plays the lead role, was to compete at this year's Shanghai Film Festival in June Cam Newton Panthers Jersey , but was withdrawn from screening following Huang's arrest.

Snowboarding is one of the most popular winter sports out there, thanks in large part to events like the Winter X Games, and athletes like JP Walker, Travis Rice and Hannah Teter. Basically, snowboarding involves descending snow covered slopes on a snowboard, which is attached to the feet with snowboarding boots set in flexible bindings. At least that is the technical description. Those who love snowboarding know there is so much more to the sport than just riding a snowboard down a hill!

To see this in action, all you have to do is visit any of the most popular US destinations for snowboarding. The top ten resorts for skiing and snowboarding according to skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts and compiled by the website HotelsByCity are:

#1: Banff, Alberta. #2: Whistler Donte Jackson Panthers Jersey , British Columbia. #3: Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania. #4: Big Sky, Montana. #5: Teton Village, Wyoming. #6: Mammoth Lakes, California. #7: Alta, Utah. #8: Stowe, Vermont. #9: Breckinridge, Colorado. #9: Tremblant DJ Moore Panthers Jersey , Quebec.

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Your first question to yourself should NOT be "How cool will I look on this snowboard?" Your first question to yourself should be what class of snowboarder you are. If you are a beginner, then you want an entry level board. If you are an intermediate or advanced rider, then a mid-range or top end board is going to be right for you. You'll definitely want to be honest with yourself about your skill level, as boards get more expensive the higher the class they are.

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