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Rubber Masterbatch Series Price

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Rubber masterbatch MBT-80
Product Name: MBT-80
Molecular Formula :C7H5NS2

Chemical Name Composition (%)
EPDM rubber20
Rubber masterbatch MBT-80 is light yellow granular, slight odor, have bitter taste, non-toxic, the proportion of 1.42 to 1.52, melting point 170 ℃ or more. Rubber masterbatch MBT-80 soluble in dilute solution of ethyl acetate, acetone, sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate, soluble in ethanol, insoluble in benzene, insoluble in water and gasoline. The lower limit in powder is 21g/m3.
This Rubber masterbatch MBT-80 is natural rubber, butadiene rubber, isoprene rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, natural rubber, reclaimed rubber and other rubber products of the main rubber vulcanization accelerator, predominantly Rubber masterbatch MBT-80 vulcanization system compared with other system, under the condition of lead sulfide in vulcanization small back to the original level. Using Rubber masterbatch MBT-80 vulcanized rubber, its modulus is relatively low, but anti-aging performance is good. It is mainly used for making tires, rubber shoes, rubber pipes, tapes, cables and general industrial products.
technological process
The measured Rubber masterbatch MBT-80 and epdm rubber are added to the blender, and a small amount of adhesive is added to the mixing machine, and then the finished product can be obtained through the granulation.Rubber Masterbatch Series Price
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