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Nike Air Max 97 Ultra 17 Silver Bullet has come out already

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Nike Air Max 97 Ultra 17 Silver Bullet, a shoe which by many was hailed, the best new shoe in 2018 'is a combination of React soles with a translucent uppers known for example from the Zoom Fly SP model. The whole looks like someone has spread the upper on the first factors and a little ineptly sewn into the pile. As if that were not enough, the shoes get a seal with the inscription, UNDERCOVER Jun Takahashi 'and we have a leading collaborative edition of the current year.And what projects leaked to the Internet? We see the red-blue beige variant for the first time. The colors in black and green olive are already shown in March this year along with several other variants. Variant number three also appeared there, only then he stood on a dark sole, and now we see samples with a yellow sole.
Because of the birth of Paris, Air Jordan 5 Paris Saint Germain, which has been co-branded with many fashion brands and creative items, is undoubtedly one of the most fashionable football clubs in today's football, and it has flowed out as early as May. Spy shot PSG x Air Jordan 5, this time exposed a group of official pictures. Designed with the all-black color of the Air Jordan 5 as the blueprint, in addition to the Nubuck matte leather, the original embroidery "23" is replaced by "75", other details include the shoe side mesh inside the Jumpman Instead of the word "PARIS" in the letter "A", the PSG Logo is followed by the "Flying Man" logo instead of the Eiffel Tower.
Following the release of the Nike Air Max 97, Let's start with the most obvious of the shoe - the scottish pattern that is found on the upper part as well as on the inside of the shoes. The pattern is in stark contrast to the black top, such as suede, leather, patent leather and mesh.These compositions give an aesthetic, rarely seen on the otherwise well-known Air Max 97. In addition to the flared upper part, there is no finger to put on the comfort of the shoes as the upper part is usually on a full-length Air Max air unit.this shoe sports a full length Air VaporMax sole, painted in a stealthy shade to tie in with the upper.

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