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what's the work flow of portable crusher plant?

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The obvious advantage of the portable crushing plants are that it can be directly driven to the site to process the whole machine, the discharge is smooth, environmental protection and energy saving, and it can meet the diversified and rapid production needs of users, especially in today's increasingly fast pace of production and life, the portable crushing plant is more popular. The portable crusher has strong stability, strong coordination, more complete functions, stronger practicability, large processing capacity, reliable performance, strong practicability, long service life, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Input Size: 0-930mm

Capacity: 0-650TPH

Scope of application: building materials, aggregate, concrete mixing plant, construction waste, road gravel and other fields.

Processing materials: various ore materials, construction waste, concrete aggregate and other materials.

Portable crushing plants are mainly used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, highway and railway materials that often need to be relocated for processing, such as construction waste, pebble, granite, basalt, limestone, quartz stone and other materials. Customers can use a variety of configurations for the finished products according to the processing raw materials, the scale and the requirements of different types of materials.

Portable Crusher Working Principle: During the operation of the portable crusher, all crushing, screening and feeding equipment shall coordinate their operations. After the stones meeting the grain size requirements enter the crusher, a series of crushing processing shall be carried out by the equipment in the crusher, and then screening processing shall be carried out. The qualified stones enter the next processing procedure, and the qualified stone products can be discharged by the discharging device, and those failing to meet the standards shall be returned to the crusher for further processing Current processing work. In the whole production process, the tyre type mobile crushing station adopts the all wheel drive, which can realize the in-situ steering, with standard, reasonable configuration and high safety performance.

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