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Operating rules of sand making machine

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According to the different scope of use and operation object, there are different types of sand making machine, such as impact sand making machine, vertical sand making machine, limestone sand making machine, etc. If we want these sand making machines to be able to produce efficiently, we must do some preparatory work.

1. Preparation for control of feeding granularity of sand making machine:

If the feed size is larger than the specified size, it will lead to the impeller imbalance, excessive wear of impeller, and even block the impeller and central feeding pipe, so that the sand machine can not work normally, and large pieces of material should be removed in time.

2. Preparation for trial operation of sand making machine:

The rotation direction of motor belt shall be consistent with that of sand making machine. If the direction is opposite to the label, the motor wiring should be adjusted, and the rotation direction should be consistent with the label. The number of V-belts connected to the spindle assembly is the same and should be adjusted straight. Check the correctness before production, and carry out empty machine test before production. After 8 hours of no-load operation, the production can be started after the test confirms that there is no problem.

3. Preparation of sand making machine lubricant:

Check whether the lubricating oil pipe of sand making machine is firm. Please add oil and special grease before trial operation. Check whether the lubricating oil pipe of the filling wheel is firmly connected, and carefully check whether there are foreign matters on the impeller. Every 100 hours of operation, the sand machine will be added with appropriate amount of grease.

4. Stop of sand making machine:

Stop feeding before the main machine of sand making machine stops running, otherwise the impeller will be crushed and the motor will be burnt out. During operation, there shall be no vibration and abnormal sound, if any, it shall be closed for inspection.

The prospect of new type sand making machine is very broad. Compared with the traditional stone processing equipment, the mobile sand making machine breaks through the traditional fixed operation mode and has a wide range of uses.

From the operation point of view, the new sand making machine adopts modern popular PLC control, and the high degree of automation can meet the requirements of modern industrial production. In terms of installation, the integrated components of the new mobile sand making machine are easy to install, and raw materials can be mined and transported, thus reducing disassembly and transition.

From the perspective of effect, the stone processed by the new sand making machine has uniform particle size and reasonable grading, which conforms to the national construction sand making standard. The market potential of new sand making machine is infinite, and the development of mechanical technology has brought more benefits to the industry.

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